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He knows that his cock is thick, and although he could breach her narrow passage with great effort, he decides it will be easier for him and more humiliating for her if he loosens her up a bit first. This is a small one, starting at finger width and widening to barely twice that before narrowing again just above the flared base. He smears the butt plug with vaseline, then puts a dob of vaseline on his finger.

Holding her asscheecks wide with one hand, he runs his slickened finger down the bottom of her crack until he reaches the puckered orifice. Who are you?" he asks. Katie knows the answer. She feels his fingertip on her untouched anus, and she knows what he wants her to say. She doesn't want him to hurt her again.

She opens her mouth to speak. I . . . am . . ." She feels his fingertip as he presses against her rear opening. He presses harder, and her anus betrays her as it widens to admit the tip of his finger. She can feel the dob of vaseline as it advances INSIDE her, ohmygod it's inside ". His finger is in to the first knuckle now, and he rotates it to spread the lubrication. He presses deeper, and his finger advances to the second knuckle.

The tip of his finger has passed the sphincter, arriving in the larger space of her rectum. He rotates his finger again, spreading the vaseline around her sphincter from the inside. He bends his finger at the first knuckle and gives a little pull. He keeps his finger slightly bent as he withdraws from her ass, stretching her anus as he does so, but the passage is now so slick with vaseline that only moderate pressure is needed to pull out of her.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the diet and thus, limiting carbohydrate intake will only serve to limit a quality source of energy which will leave an individual feeling fatigued and with little energy to perform daily activities. In the event that sufficient carbohydrates are not available for use as energy, the body will begin using protein for energy, instead of using it to build and strengthen muscle. As a result, muscle strengthening will not occur and thus, the six pack will not be able to become toned and visible.

I've never been the type of woman to worry about the calories in the glue of an envelope and I'm convinced that the gates of heaven are definitely wide enough to accommodate the widest hip girth. But lately, it's my marriage that has started to feel a bit pudgy. It's nothing that appeared abruptly, like the extra few pounds the morning after Thanksgiving dinner at your mothers. This extra girth in my marriage is more vague. The thought annexed to that one is "When did I turn into her?"

I know, it's so pathetic, but my extra marital weight is more like that sensation. Don't get me wrong, we still have some good conversations, some as long as 10 to 15 seconds.And I guess I could play it down and just go pull some weeds, funneling my energy to the back yard like I've done for the past decade.Being disgruntled pulls weeds like no one's business. But ,if you are like me, and would like to whip your marriage back into shape, weeding the yard won't be enough.What my husband and I both needed and have benefited from(even though he wasn't fully on board to begin with)was this fitness program that we undertook together to get fit AND work on aspects of our relationship at the same time.enough for roots to recover and grow. Transplantation can still be done up until late spring when the plants foliage is still partially unfurled.

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