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Horny latinas

Now let me hear you say it. Who are you?" Katie realizes that she is in way over her head. She is tired of being abused. She just wants to get it over with. At that moment, she decides not to resist any further. She will say whatever he wants, even the cruel words of submission he demands. She knows that she is going to be raped.

But he is too strong, she cannot resist. I'm going to say it, "fuck me any way you want." Katie lowers her head in deep shame at her own words. Very good, Katie. Right the first time. Who are you?" "I am your slut, and you can fuck me any way you want." Who are you?" "I am your slut, and you can fuck me any way you want." Dom smiles. "You certainly are my slut. And I certainly can fuck you any way I want.

And I will. Now turn down the bed. Take a good look at the sheets on which you are about to be raped." Katie's knees are weak as she gets to her feet and turns down the bed with her bound hands. She is surprised to see that the sheets are completely black. She is going to be fucked on black sheets. She is going to be raped on these black sheets. She is going to lose her virginity on these very black sheets that she is turning down. He will force her to yield her body to him.

She will have no choice. Dom pushes Katie face down on the bed with her bound hands in front of her. He grabs her ankles and removes her shoes and socks, then reaches underneath her slim waist and unbottons her waistband and unzips her skirt. As he pulls her zipper down, he presses against her pubic mound with his large hand, massaging her sex through the denim. Katie squirms at the touch.

She has never let any boyfriend touch her there; she is surprised at how much better it feels than with her own hand. He pulls off her skirt, and he is pleased to see that she wears very skimpy bikini panties. His cock swells at the sight. He moves his hands slowly up along her white thighs, allowing his thumbs to caress her asscheeks as he continues up past her hips to her waist. She can feel his fingers caress her her ribcage, and her breathing is rapid as his hands continue upward. Omygod omygod he's doing it, he's touching them, his hands are on my breasts!

She can feel his fingers pause on the underside of each breast, then continue upward to her sensitive nipples. His hands meet underneath the center of her chest, and he unbuttons the top button on her blouse. He now moves downward on her chest, unbuttoning as he goes.

When the last button is free, he pulls the sides of the blouse out from under her, then forces the blouse up to her bound wrists, leaving her back bare except for the thin straps of her bra. She immediately feels his fingers on the clasp of her bra, and faster than she can think, he has undone her bra and pushes it upward to her wrists to join her blouse.

Her bare breasts are now resting directly on the black sheets of the bed. She gasps as she feels his hands on her hips again, and this time they are moving down, carrying her bikini panties downward as they go. She feels the waistband of her panties as it stretches past the cheeks of her ass, and seconds later she is completely nude. She is lying naked and bound in a hotel room, at the mercy of a ruthless stranger who is going to rape her. Dom examines her slim backside with appreciation and lust.

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